Nigit Begum Professional Makeup Artist | Meet Nigit
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Nigit Begum – Professional Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Business Mentor and Branding Coach

Nigit works with fellow and aspiring female entrepreneurs in Bristol and further afield, helping them to look and feel their best. Her rare blend of talents and services has empowered women, helping them manifest confidence in photoshoots, radiate beauty on their wedding day, and achieve their personal day to day goals.

Nigit’s creativity and talent as a professional makeup artist has seen her work in the broadcasting industry, styling hair and makeup for well-known t-v personalities, such as Claudia Winkleman and Scott Mills. She collaborates with personal branding photographers and has featured in beauty publications including Stylist.

The person behind the smile

The driving force behind Nigit’s success in the industry, reads like a juxtaposition: her intrinsic need to discover the person behind the makeup. Nigit’s innate curiosity in people’s stories and what it is that makes her clients tick, has formed an integral part of the exceptional consultation process that she offers. It has helped Nigit to understand what works for her clients, how to help them project who they are, and look tremendous doing it.

Nigit’s style and approach comes from a melting pot of cross-cultures, an upbringing surrounded by industrious women and over twenty years’ experience in the industry. Skill-thirsty, Nigit is continually acquiring, testing and assimilating new techniques that she can tailor to her clients. She loves colour and connecting ideas that traditionally don’t sit together, as well as being accomplished in a variety of classical and avant-garde methods.

An entrepreneur in her own right

Enterprising as she is talented, Nigit is the owner of a beauty salon in the affluent area of Clifton, Bristol. Trained by leading business coaches Brooke Price and Stacey Sargison-Shawe, Nigit has helped many in the industry set up their own ventures, experience that she now shares as part of her business mentoring programme.

Home life

Nigit lives in Bristol with her twin sons. When she’s not working she loves spending time with her large family, keeping fit, drinking smoothies and indulging in a plethora of creative pursuits. She has a particular penchant for fashion and interior decorating.