Nigit Begum Professional Makeup Artist | 5 Great Tips for Your Hair
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5 Great Tips for Your Hair

Greasy Hair

Avoid getting greasing hair, use conditioner from mid length to the ends of your hair. Don’t condition your roots, this part of your hair is already in the best condition. Wash hair less frequently. Use ‘dry shampoo’ this soaks up the grease.
Avoid shine sprays. Not to over touch your hair, fingertips produce oil, which will transfer over to your hair.

Frizzy Hair

Use sulfate free and glycerin packed shampoo, always use hair conditioner and regularly brush your hair to help distribute its natural oils.  I recommend hair serums to be used after your hair is dry.

Breakage to hair

Over processed hair, sun damage, life stress can cause hair damage, I recommend using Protein Shampoo and conditioner, book your self in for a ‘Keratin Blow Dry’ consult your hair dresser to add ‘Ola Plax’ when colouring your hair.  Oil Serums and blow-dry lotions.  Avoid using straighteners and over blow-drying your hair.

Limp Hair

Use thickening spray to make your hair feel fuller. Volume spray the roots, prior to blow-drying, Mousse is an old fashion product but I use this a lot, it’s my old time favourite, it makes your hair feel and look thicker. Use hair masques and Velcro hair rollers to added volume.

Hair colour fading

To prevent hair colour fading, Wash your hair less frequently; wash your hair 72 hours after hair is coloured. use colour safe shampoos and conditioners. When going on holiday use sun protector sprays.

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